Welcome to CrossRoads!

CrossRoads is a community of faith that seeks to be "the presence of Christ in the world today." We strive to embody the love of Jesus and meet people at the "crossroads" of life. We connect with God and each other through "presence," we serve God and others in the "world," and we seek to grow in a personal relationship with "Christ," sharing his love and kingdom with all people.

A Place for Your Entire Family!

CrossRoads is an unaffiliated (non-denominational) community of faith that seeks to follow the example and teaching of Jesus in a non-traditional church setting.  We are open to people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives and believe it is a privilege for us to journey togther with you.  We are a newly formed congregation (Begun in January 2022).  We invite you to come grow with us.

Our mission at CrossRoads is to:

C: "connect" with God and other Christ-followers,
R: "reach" all people with the good news of Jesus,
O: "offer" our lives to God,
S: "seek" to become more like Jesus, and
S: "serve" the Lord wherever he leads.